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Guruge Nature Park (Pvt) Ltd

Location :

Guruge Nature Park is situated between Colombo and Katunayake International Airport. It is 19 kms from Colombo and 10 kms from Katunayake Colombo International Airport. Just turn off from Ja-Ela, Weligampitiya junction and proceed 1 km you will be there.

Sri Lanka the Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka's history derives its rich heritage from the diverse ethnic and religious struggle of its past. Guruge Nature Park portrays the trends and developments, which characterize our glorious and colorful history tracing life in Sri Lanka as far back as 547 B.C., the region of Vijaya, our first king. The splendour of Guruge Nature Park will make visitors recall and trace the wonderful and impressive history of our country. Your visit will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience on viewing our cultural, traditional, historical heritage and entertainment. * Throne of Sri Lanka * King's tower * Boating and water fun * Animal ride * Cultural entertainments * Sri Lankan and foreign birds * Veddahs of Sri Lanka