Lyceum International School : Wattala

Lyceum Wattala which is a branch of Lyceum International Nugegoda, was ceremoniously opened by Hon. Neil Rupasinghe on 3rd September 2001, in the presence of the founder / Managing Director Mr. Mohan Lal Grero, the Principal, Mrs. Kumari Grero and the Directress, Mrs. Dilmi Ratnayake. Initially there were classes upto Grade 5 with a student population of 350 and a staff of 18. Today attaining a span of 6 years the branch of the family tree has spread out and its beneficiaries are vast in number ranging from Primary to the high school with a student population of 3600, over 300 skilled teachers and 110 non academic staff. Lyceum International School Wattala, under the able guidance and stewardship of the founder and Managing Director Mr. Mohan Lal Grero with his efficient administration, in a short span of 6 years, has paved the way to blossom from primary to the high school and extended to pursue higher studies at University level. As an educational institution, we continue to strive to sustain high quality standards in all our activities both in the academic sectors. We were also mindful to the rapid transformation and development in the sphere of education at global level and continuous efforts were made to introduce necessary and meaningful changes into the system in the areas of management, learning, teaching, classroom and evaluation practices and more importantly in the field of IT. Facilities were made available for the Cambridge O/L and A/L streams as well as the local A/L streams and we continue to obtain excellent results. A fully equipped educational support unit is also available at LIS Wattala empowering the differently abled and students who need special attention. A well balanced curriculum is the basic foundation for total education which facilitates all children to develop their personalities and relationships with others in society. They are also nurtured to master the competencies needed to sustain high moral and ethical standards. They are trained to accept leadership when needed and also accept the leadership of others in society, when occasions demand.